Thai massage

Thai massage Budapest

In the world the Thai massage is getting more and more poppular worldwide, luckyli in our country it is available on many places, so of course in our capital as well. In the early 2000’s it was belong as a luxory treatment, nowadays because of it’s poppularity, has become way more available for those locals, who could spend less money for their healthfull lifestyle.

Nuad Phaen Boran as how they call in Thailand, originally came from India.

The founder name is Shivago Kumar Bej, who was a friend of Buddha and the founder of the Ayurvedic healing system as well. At the same time of arrives of the Buddist religion they preserved the knowledge on palm leaves, but in the 17. centoury they has destroyed during the Burman occupation. III. Rama has collected the remain regulations and writed on he wall of WatPo. (40 meter long laying Buddha statue). 

The masseurs who wil going to take care of you, are professional masseurs, from Thailand. We doing a treatment on a silk tatami wich is filled by spelt. We can ensure, that in our saloon we represent the 100% values of the traditions.

We look forards to your in tianDe Thai massage & Beauty SPA!